Lanett City Schools unveils reopening plan

Lanett City Schools unveils reopening plan

LANETT, Ala. (WTVM) - After analyzing the numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths in Chambers County, Lanett City School District officials said they’re being very careful the upcoming school year.

Monday, the district shared the details of its reopening plan.

“I just don’t feel it’s safe for all of those students back into the building,” Superintendent Jennifer Boyd said. “People have concerns about their kids. Staff members have concerns. I have concerns. It would kind of be careless not to respond to the reports of sickness and death.”

According to Boyd, those concerns have led the district to offer parents two options for the upcoming year.

First, there’s a virtual option, where students will complete all assignments online for the entire school year through a state online curriculum and other tools.

“The curriculum is already built,” Boyd said. “It’s computer based. Now, we will have facilitators that we will track and monitor and say, ‘Hey, you’re getting behind.’”

There’s also the traditional option, which according to Boyd, means students will begin the year remotely, with the hopes of returning in-person for the second nine weeks of the school year.

“We’ve created a flowchart where students are able to transition from traditional to remote, traditional to remote and back again based on the conditions,” Boyd told News Leader Nine.

These students will receive instruction directly from Lanett City Schools teachers.

“We have mapped out a daily schedule for our teachers to follow and our students to follow,” the superintendent said. “Our teachers will be using Zoom, so they will be providing instruction daily.”

Regardless of what parents choose, Boyd said the school year begins August 24.

She said all students can participate in extra-curricular activities, despite whether they choose virtual or traditional learning.

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