New-look Marion County Eagles prepare for 2020

New-look Marion County Eagles prepare for 2020

BUENA VISTA, Ga. (WTVM) - Marion County’s football program has a different look this year, as a new coach takes over. Billy Law steps into the big chair as the head coach of the Eagles.

“I’ve always known how big it was and never wanted to be in this chair, and then it came about and it’s a good thing I took it,” Law said. “It’s a challenge for sure.”

Law has spent the last 20 years as an assistant at Marion. When Chris Kirksey stepped down, Law was promoted, taking his first head coaching role. He said his team will look a lot like previous Marion County squads.

“We’re going to still run the same defensive scheme, the same coverages,” said Law. “We’re going to run the same offense, just different personnel and it’s one of those things -- if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.”

Law will have a different team this year as well. Trice McCannon has graduated, along with 21 other seniors, so they're rebuilding a team that made the state title game last year.

“We’re trying to build it back up, get some kids back out, but the core group of guys that we have, they’ve played some football,” Law said. “They’ve been in the state championship game. They’ve been in a couple of semifinal games. The character, the hard-nosed get after you is still there.”

So how will a Billy Law team look this year?

"We may not be able to throw it as much. We may not be able to get out of that trash like Trice used to get out of, but we've got some hard-nosed guys and we're going to set up what's best for them."

It may look different on the sidelines, but Law doesn't expect it to be much different overall.

“We’re still going to be the same guys,” said Law. “We’re going to get after it and we’re going to have a good product on the field and the kids are going to enjoy playing. It’s going to be business as usual.”

And business takes them to Vienna to face Dooly County in the season opener on September 4.

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