2020 census could spell big changes for Columbus’ Primus King Park

2020 census could spell big changes for Columbus’ Primus King Park

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Chances are you can ride through any part of any city and find something that could use a little more attention.

It could be trash laying around or maybe something that once served a purpose, but no longer does.

Primus King Park is located on Columbus’ south side. It’s run down. Abandoned. Overgrown. Neglected.

What the future holds for the park is unknown, but Dr. Curtis Crocker, pastor at Metropolitan Baptist Church remembers the past. He grew up in the neighborhood and says low census responses are likely why the park looks like this.

“It was full of energy and a lot of people came and this was a great place to come and fellowship with other people in the community. The Primus King Recreation Center is rich, it’s vibrant with a lot of history. As you can see now though, it’s boarded up. I believe it’s boarded up for the fact that we need to stand up and be counted. I think the census has a great impact on funding when it comes to places like this,” said Crocker.

He says strong census responses can help to build stronger neighborhoods, and the benefits from that compound in the future.

The area was named after Primus King, who was a voting rights pioneer for African-Americans in Muscogee County back in the 1940s.

If you have not filled out the census, it is easy to do, just click here to get started. The census is not allowed to share your information in any way.

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