Harris Co. School Board attorney of 40 years dies from COVID-19

Harris Co. School Board attorney of 40 years dies from COVID-19

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - The recently retired Harris County School Board Attorney of 40 years has passed away from COVID-19.

John Taylor served with the Harris County School Board as their attorney for 40 years before retiring earlier this year.

“This terrible COVID-19 virus has taken so many things. While we recognized and thanked Mr. Taylor in June via a Zoom meeting, our hope was to get to the day when it was safe to honor him in person and sincerely thank him for his many, many dedicated years of service to the Harris County School Board,” said Chairman Shane Lipp.

Taylor passed away on July 25 at West Georgia Hospice in LaGrange.

“He was a Southern gentleman lawyer through and through. To have 40 years of institutional knowledge of school board law guiding us through both good and bad situations was a blessing,” said Roger Couch, Harris County School District (HCSD) superintendent.

Prior to his diagnosis and death, Taylor was in the process of retiring from practicing law after a total of 52 years.

“You don’t replace a John Taylor overnight because the knowledge and the experience that he had is just overwhelming,” said Garnett Ray, vice chair of the Harris County Boar of Education.

Taylor was able to hand-select his replacement as school board attorney prior to his retirement. The role is set to be filled by Greg Ellington, who currently works with the Muscogee County School Board.

A dedication is expected within the next few months to honor Taylor’s service and memory.

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