MCSD teachers head back to the classroom ahead of start date

MCSD teachers head back to the classroom ahead of start date

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - As teachers are headed back to the classroom Monday in Muscogee County, many parents still have questions about how the “back to school” process will work.

Takesha Lynn, an eighth grade Language Arts teacher at Aaron Cohn Middle School, is excited to be back in the classroom preparing for the upcoming school year.

“This literally has been the day to hit the ground running. And I say that because it will basically be full-steam ahead in preparing for something we’ve never been apart of, and that’s a pandemic,” Lynn said.

Between now and the first day of school for students in the Muscogee County School District August 17, teachers will have virtual learning training. All students will learn virtually for the first half of the nine weeks and then the district will reassess.

Once school starts, Lynn said each teachers will have 30 minutes of social, emotional, and individual learning time a day. She explained how her daily schedule will look with live virtual teaching following Aaron Cohn’s block scheduling.

“Within that time frame, we have an outline set up to Zoom with our students and then have individual time for them to complete any assignments within that almost two-hour increment of time,” Lynn said.

Lynn wants to make sure students are ready to learn.

“We cannot just put a pause symbol on their education because they still have to advance. They can’t stay in the sixth grade or the seventh grade forever. They have to move on one day, so we have to be in place and we have to make sure that they are ready to go forward,” Lynn explained.

As far as what teaching will look like once in-person learning is an option, Lynn said that’s still in the works.

“We all have questions about that. We’re definitely concerned about that because just like everyone, we want to be safe and in good health and we want our students definitely safe and in good health,” she said.

The biggest challenge for Lynn right now is the technology that comes along with virtual learning. She hopes parents and students are patient as they learn the ins and outs of this new format of learning.

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