Midtown Park Apartment fire in Columbus serves as reminder to get renters insurance

Midtown Park Apartment fire in Columbus serves as reminder to get renters insurance

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - For Midtown Park Apartment residents, most lost everything in the fire, including clothes, food, and treasured keepsakes.

Having renters insurance could help them recover their losses.

Destin Peters got a call while at work Friday night, saying his apartment complex was engulfed in flames. By the time he reached the scene, he did manage to get his late father’s sculptures and paintings.

“Everything else is a total loss, a washout,” Peters said.

State Farm Insurance agent, Connie Wilkes, said a renter’s insurance policy could help in disastrous situations.

“It would cover up to the limit of the policy for clothing, furniture, and appliances that were theirs to go out and replace those items,” Wilkes said. “Also, it gives them what we call a loss of use coverage which provides extra money for them to relocate to live somewhere else for a short period of time to get back into a more permanent place.”

Wilkes said in most cases, once someone files a claim, the insurance company will write you a check for the depreciated value of your belongings. But it is important to keep a documented list of all the items and the monetary value.

“A lot of people can’t remember what they have when it is all gone, so we recommend taking your cell phone and/or cam cord all of your items,” Wilkes said.

Midland Park Apartment manager Fred Green agrees. He said their tenants are not required to have a renters insurance policy, though it’s mandatory for property management companies.

“It is something they do on their own. It is recommended highly when they lease the property though. But that is up to the tenant if they have that or not,” Green said.

State Farm said most renters insurance policies can cost as little as $10 to $20 per month, depending on coverage. But in times of disastrous situations, that little extra money spent per month could help down the road in a BIG way.

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