COVID-19 vaccine developer eyeing doses for less than $40

(CNN) - One of the U.S. companies working on a COVID-19 vaccine has released an anticipated price range for doses.

Moderna said it will price its vaccine between $32 and $37 per dose for most customers if the vaccine makes it to market.

The drug company is looking to complete enrollment for its phase three study before October. There will be 30,000 volunteers in the study.

Moderna is just one of several U.S. companies racing to come up with a successful vaccine. Novavax and Pfizer have also had promising vaccine results so far.

In June, Gilead Sciences revealed its Remdesivir drug would cost more than $500 per vial for people with private health insurance. Remdesivir is used to treat people already infected with COVID-19, as studies showed it improved patient recovery times.

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