Early move in underway at Auburn University

Early move in underway at Auburn University

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - Early move in is underway at Auburn University.

Parents and staff are unloading their cars and filling up dorm rooms Wednesday with some new rules in place.

This year, there were no volunteers to help move in belongings. Families had to move in all their students’ stuff on their own. According to Auburn’s website, there’s hand sanitizer available in all residence halls, people must maintain a six-foot distance while on elevators, and all residents and families are required to wear masks while on campus.

Some students shared their thoughts on moving in this week.

“It was actually a lot nicer than last year,” said Allison Dellicarri. “There’s the staggered times which helped a lot to move in and speed up the process.”

“It’s hot,” mentioned Jay Bartlett. “It’s really busy.”

“Wearing a mask wasn’t a terrible thing,” said Alison Adam. “We just wanted to make sure everyone was safe. The only downside was it’s 90 degrees, so it was a little hard to breathe.”

Regular move in begins on campus Monday, August 10. The university suggests packing light since there are no volunteers to help students move in.

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