EXCLUSIVE: Midtown Park Apartment fire survivors speak on living challenges

EXCLUSIVE: Midtown Park Apartment Fire Survivors speak on living challenges

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - It’s been a week since Midtown Park Apartment fire survivors have been displaced from their homes in Columbus, and some families are still staying in Days Inn and La Quinta Inn.

One family said they thought they would get assistance from the apartment complex on finding a new property to live in.

“There’s just multiple applications in front of all of us and we’re not being put to the front line of that, which I understand everybody needs housing and we’ve just kind of been to where under the circumstances, we have no where to go,” said Ryan Bost and Justin Teague.

According to fire survivors, some of them were given the choice to receive their deposit or get assistance on finding a new place to live, but some survivors say the process has been difficult because some other properties the apartments manage are out of the price range of their deposits, don’t allow pets or aren’t available until the upcoming months.

“Everybody kept posted and maybe two or three arose, and they were not in our range,” said Lester Hamiter and Aspen Kennedy. “You figure these people would try to work with you considering the circumstances.”

While some fire survivors tell me they’ve had difficulty keeping in contact with Midtown Park Apartment staff since the fire, others have had a different experience. One woman said she got a call about an open property this week and will be moving into her new apartment Monday.

“They reached out to me, they said hey we have this property if you want to go see it, it’s yours. They transferred that money to the new place. I guess I was one of the lucky ones I guess,” said Cierra Jones.

As of Saturday, 13 families are still staying in hotels while some of them have been able to get apartments, others are waiting to hear back.

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