Exclusive: Meet the Harris County Commissioner District 4 runoff candidates

Exclusive: Meet the Harris County Commissioner District 4 runoff candidates

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - The race for Harris County’s District 4 Commissioner has been narrowed down to two candidates: Richie Grantham and Bobby Irions.

“I’m actually on the planning commission and representing district 4 now,” said Irions. “I took over that seat back in June of 2019. So, I’ve had a little over a year to get my feet wet.”

Irions also has a background in network engineering for the past 17 years. He shared with News Leader 9 that he supports Georgia’s broadband initiative and shares some of the things he wants to improve in the Harris County community.

“So basically safety, public safety, our overcrowding schools, keeping our schools where it gives the quality of education that we can provide and then three keeping our 2 acre minimums that we have out there,” said Irions.

Keeping the two acre minimums is also something that’s important to Irions’ opponent - Richie Grantham.

“The citizens of Harris County have spoken loudly, they don’t want high density housing,” said Grantham. “The commission controls the land that in the non-incorporated areas.”

Grantham described himself as a small business owner that has experience in working with tight budgets and making tough decisions. He said he wants to improve the county’s infrastructure for a sustainable future, increase broadband access and upgrade water and sewage system in the area.

“So it’s very important to have someone there to be the voice of the people. Not just, I can tell them what I want everyday, but I’m a household of two,” said Grantham.

The runoff is Tuesday, August 11 and both candidates are encouraging folks to get out and vote.

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