Movie filmed in Columbus amid pandemic

Movie filmed in Columbus amid pandemic

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A production company is close to wrapping up after filming in Muscogee County.

The film’s working title is “The Inheritance,” by production company Mustard Seed Entertainment. It’s a lighthearted, family-centered, faith-based feature film.

Crews said shooting started July 20 and will end some time next week. They had to be extremely cautious.

“We had to trust people on the weekends to go about their lives, but do it safely,” said actor and producer Meredith Riley Stewart. “We all wore masks all the time on set. We even tested people multiple times every week. We had to make sure everyone was safe when they were in what we call ‘Zone C,’ meeting off-set but not in your house. No dining out, no non-mask wearing events, but people have been very compliant and that is how we were able to make it happen.”

The film is about four estranged siblings who return home when their mother dies, only to find she’s hidden the deed to the estate somewhere on the property. The first one to find the deed inherits everything. The film should hit the big screens in about a year after production ends.

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