Baby recovering with extensive injuries after reportedly being attacked by dog in Phenix City

Baby recovering with extensive injuries after reportedly being attacked by dog in Phenix City

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - A parent’s worst nightmare came true for two East Alabama parents this weekend.

Their 19-month-old son is recovering at an Atlanta hospital after extensive injuries from reportedly being attacked by a dog.

“I wish I had been able to see in the future and I would take that bite a hundred times over,” said Chelsee Fielding, Warren’s mother.

Chelsee Fielding said her son was at his great-grandmother’s home with his grandmother in Phenix City Saturday, playing in the yard before plans to go swimming. That’s when Fielding said her aunt’s dog heard Warren squeal and attacked him.

“The hardest thing for me is I envision him going through it and what he had to feel, and the fact that he was probably calling for us and we weren’t there,” she said. “And that’s the hardest. But no amount of guilt will help him heal,” she said.

Chelsee Fielding said her son was taken to Piedmont where they did as much as they could to stabilize him before being airlifted to Scottish Rite in Atlanta. Warren’s skull is fractured in multiple places. His parents said he had surgery in Atlanta to remove skull fragments that punctured into his brain.

“He’s here. If the people who were there hadn’t intervened, he wouldn’t be here. So, you start off with that and then you really hang onto the minor improvements that are made as you go on,” said Warren’s dad, Andrew Fielding.

The parents of the water and animal loving baby said while they do understand it’s not possible to catch every single thing, even when people are paying attention, it’s important to be prepared.

“Educate yourself on what to do in that situation. Her mother who wrapped him up, put herself in between that dog and our son, he’s alive for that reason. Just knowing what to do if something is going wrong,” Warren’s dad said.

Warren’s mom said he is now sitting up on his own and asking for food and drinks.

“Guilt isn’t going to heal my son. Blame isn’t going to heal my son. The only thing that’s going to heal him is us being here, us being positive with him,” she explained.

Warren is making progress, but his parents said this is an injury he’ll likely deal with the rest of his life. They expect to be at Scottish Rite in Atlanta for the next three weeks.

Chelsee and Andrew Fielding are overwhelmed with all of the support they have gotten, even as others are facing hardships due to the pandemic.

They said the dog has been put down.

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