Harris County parents and students reflect on first week of school

Harris County parents and students reflect on first week of school

HAMILTON, Ga. (WTVM) - Harris County schools are nearly done with the first week of school and parents along with students said things are off to a great start.

“Whenever I wake up, I go brush my teeth and get ready, then I go downstairs, eat my breakfast, then I get my computer ready to get on the Zoom meeting,” said Amauree Bartley.

That’s how nine-year-old Amauree starts her school day doing virtual learning.

Mother Tiffany Davis Bartley said she chose to enroll her daughter in online learning after losing her mother-in-law from coronavirus and realizing its seriousness.

With the first week of school being nearly done, she said she has no complaints with the new system.

“The teachers are very thorough with the instructions and we have a good learning experience,” Davis Bartley said. “Each day has been great this week.”

Mother of three, Candace Bailey, has one daughter who is medically fragile and needs regular supervision. She said with the Harris County School District providing the option of virtual learning, it allows her two boys in elementary school to learn in a safe environment without her worrying about what they could be bringing home.

“It helps out a lot having an actual teacher, versus how when they got out last March, everything was on the parents since it all happened so fast,” Bailey said.

For Harris County High School teacher, Jay Borden, he said in all his 19 years of teaching, preparing for this year has been the hardest. But he is happy to see his students back in the classrooms once more.

“I have taken all my in-person classes and flipped them virtually,” Borden said. “Even my students here at school are taking their classes virtually here in person. Then, we are using the extra time for more hands-on things as a result.”

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