Chambers County Schools experiences technical problems with online learning

Chambers County Schools experiences technical problems with online learning the first week of school

LAFAYETTE, Ala. (WTVM) - Chambers County Schools welcomed students back into their buildings earlier this week, but some students doing virtual learning were not able to log on until Friday.

A majority of the problems were among elementary students due to a brand new learning platform the District is using this year called “Path Blazer,” according to Chambers County Superintendent Kelli Hodge.

“We had some issues with our learning management system and people being able to log in,” she said.

The district’s virtual school facilitator, Creel-Flores, said there was an issue integrating students log in information into the new program.

“Once they started looking at the data they were importing, they were able to fix those issues,” Flores said. “As of this morning, everything is okay. They are sending out a video showing parents how to run a diagnostic test so that they can access their student’s grade level.”

The principal of Bob Harding Shawmut Elementary School, Jenny Goodwin, said she was flooded with calls from parents the past three days concerned over the new learning platform, but many were forgiving.

“There was a little frustration there at the beginning of course,” said Goodwin. “When you do anything new, that is expected. But a lot of parents have been understanding and just want to make sure they are doing what’s right so they do not get in trouble for not doing what the requirements are of that online learning.”

Besides the hiccups with virtual learning, a parent of three students who are all at different schools within Chambers County, said overall she is pleased with the district’s dedication to their students.

“The teachers, the faculty, and the staff have gone above and beyond to make sure they are using all the safety precautions that have been recommended,” Hollye Colley said. “I just feel like this is going to be a great school year.”

Teachers within Chambers County are also meeting with the system facilitator to make sure they have a clear understanding of the new program and how it works in hopes that next week’s virtual learning will go smoother.

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