Talbotton City Council rescinds decision to bring transitional homes to the area

Talbotton City Council rescinds decision to bring transitional homes to the area

TALBOTTON, Ga. (WTVM) - People in the community came together to raise their concerns Thursday night after they learned that a transitional home for sex offenders and parolees could be coming to Talbot County.

”Something this important for the citizens of Talbotton” said resident Julia Leonard. “We should have an input on it. We have so many older people here and younger children here. We do not need anything like that here in Talbot County.”

Following the public hearing on the issue, Talbotton’s city council rescinded the decision to bring Cardinal Transitional Home III to the area. One man who lives in the area of where the transitional homes were supposed to be said he’s happy to see the positive effects of neighbors coming together.

“All it takes is a simple flyer, and everybody saw the flyers after everyone found out. People showed up to the city hall and I think this is a good thing that folks are wanting to be involved,” said another resident, Blake Oliver.

For future decisions being made in the area, residents said they would like city leaders to inform them before hand.

“I don’t think they should go and just make decisions because they feel like they want to. They need to call a meeting and put the people in the city more involved,” said Willie Leonard.

This is exactly what city officials said they plan to do.

“The Mayor and City Council will always listen to the concerns of the people in Talbotton. When they feel we are not working in their best interests, when this happen, we will work to make corrections and listen to our citizens in a humble manner.We value the safety and well-being of all citizens here in Talbotton,” said Talbotton Mayor Tony Lamar.

News Leader 9 also reached out the owner of Cardinal Transitional Homes, Anthony Shumpert. He said in addition to wanting to bring transitional homes to the area, he wanted to offer housing for people with low incomes. Going forward, he plans to speak with his attorney to find out if any legal repercussions can be taken since he’s invested money in this property after being approved and licensed by city council and the mayor.

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