Thomaston man on road to recovery from COVID-19

Thomaston man on road to recovery from COVID-19

THOMASTON, Ga. (WTVM) - The journey to recovery after contracting COVID-19 can be brutal, but one Thomaston man is seeing some light on the other side.

Joe Canales first started showing coronavirus symptoms in July and shortly after testing positive and being sent home by the local hospital, his wife said he began to take a turn.

“It had gotten worse. Was not even able to get out of the bed, could barely even hold his head up, so it had started attacking with a vengeance,” said Becky Canales.

This is when his family decided to take him to St. Francis in Columbus, where he immediately received treatment. Mrs. Canales said her husband experienced a high fever and difficulty breathing. Eventually he was sedated and put on a ventilator. A month later, Mr. Canales is recovering at Roosevelt Warm Springs Vocational Rehab. He’s also able to talk to his family.

“Definitely now that he is able to communicate with us and finally be able to text and and face time, I mean it’s made a world of difference. Because those few weeks when he was sedated, that was tough,” said Kaitlyn Hill, his daughter.

After hearing about Mr. Canales’ battle with coronavirus, friends of the family created a Go Fund Me to help with the family’s expenses. So far they’ve raised more than three thousand dollars. His daughter said Canales has been helping people as an emergency medical technician for years, and she’s happy to see people help him in his time of need.

“He’s been a paramedic for 30 plus years and he’s helped everyone else and during this time he’s the one who needed help, and the nurses and doctors were absolutely amazing,” said Jessie Holcomb, his daughter. “I mean he has had some phenomenal people.”

The family said they’re grateful for all of the support they’ve gotten and they’re anxiously waiting for Mr. Canales to get home.

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