Rain Coverage Drops This Weekend; Tropics Need to be Watched

Derek's Forecast!

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Rain and storms will stick around the next few days, but the overall coverage of rain will be dropping as we take you into the weekend. From 60% to 50% to 40% from Friday to Sunday. Look for highs in the upper 80s, but where there will be less rain or less clouds, some 90s are certainly possible. Early next week will start off a lot like the weekend ended - a high near 90 and a 40% coverage of rain and storms. For Tuesday through the end of next week, the forecast will be highly dependent on the eventual track of the two tropical systems currently making their way through the Atlantic and potentially into the Gulf. At this point I don’t mind telling you that we don’t have the complete picture to make a completely accurate outlook. I’ll include rain chances with the idea that we will have tropical moisture streaming our way in some capacity, but we will have to watch things carefully for you in future forecasts.

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