Auburn freshman reflects on current collegiate experience

Auburn freshman reflects on current collegiate experience

AUBURN, Ala. (WAFF) - The newest class of Auburn Tigers is already getting a taste of the college life, but of course, the freshmen experience looks different this year.

While some students have a mix of virtual and in-person classes, Auburn freshman and Huntsville native Maddie Cimino has only online classes this semester.

“Honestly, all my classes on Zoom… They have like a whiteboard they can kind of project, and it really just feels like you’re in class,” says Cimino. “I haven’t really felt any lagging of learning or anything like that. It’s been super nice, and the teachers are flexible on office hours and setting up meetings.”

Still, with so much of the first-year experience taken away, Cimino made the decision to live on campus. She also decided to go Greek, though the recruitment process was likewise via Zoom.

Going Greek during COVID

“We have 18 sororities total,” says Cimino. “The first round we just watched videos, and then the second round, we went down to 13. So for three days, we had 13 parties to go to on Zoom.”

Cimino says the simplified version of rush actually helped her decide which sorority she wanted to call home.

“Honestly, it was nice to just have real conversations and not to really have the decorations and all that in the chapter rooms to sway your opinions,” she says.

All in all, Cimino is enjoying college so far and is just grateful to be a tiger, even with all the changes.

“It’s honestly been way better than I expected,” she says. “Email is definitely a huge part of my life now. But honestly, I haven’t had a single problem, and I’ve enjoyed all of my time in the dorm so far.”

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