Columbus State University sees record enrollment amid pandemic

Columbus State University sees record enrollment amid pandemic

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - While some college students are debating whether or not to attend classes in person this year, others are enrolling for the first time.

Two Columbus State University (CSU) freshman shared their experience so far.

“Being around people, even if we’ve got masks on, it feels nice to socialize and meet new people and make new friends and stuff,” said Daniel Lindo.

According to CSU’s president, Chris Markwood, the university is seeing an increase in both graduate and undergraduate students this fall, and the school’s rebranding might have something to do with it.

“We think students are responding to that. We also think some students decided to just stay local and to not go tot one of the larger institutions. But we’re going to work hard to keep them in Columbus for the next four years,” said Markwood.

He said the university is excited to see more students enrolling this year and the unemployment rate might explain why more people are getting their master’s.

“That’s not uncommon in times of high unemployment for people to go back and get that other credential. So, we’re excited to serve not just the first year students, but also the graduate students at Columbus State University,” Markwood said.

Even with the influx of students, the university plans to keep them safe with mask mandates, increased sanitation, and social distancing guidelines. This is why they were able to give an in-person learning experience.

“It’s a relief to see instructors in person and our friends. Just staying home all the time is rough for an educational experience,” said Maxine Rose-Sanchez.

According to Markwood, the university is counting on students to be socially distant on the weekends and to help keep everyone on and off campus safe.

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