WTVM Editorial 8-25-20: One-Size-Fits-All Policies

Have you ever bought an item that was “one size fits all” and then quickly found out that wasn’t true?!
Updated: Aug. 25, 2020 at 8:53 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Have you ever bought an item that was “one size fits all” and then quickly found out that wasn’t true?

We all learn those items are generally disappointments, because applying one standard to everyone doesn’t always work.

One thing we have all learned about dealing with COVID-19 is that no matter how many times some politicians say we need a “national policy” on something, we realize that “one size fits all” policies don’t work.

Sweeping pronouncements and national policies would be ineffective and impossible to enforce.

All of these decisions must be made at the state or local level whenever possible.

That’s because, like most things, decisions are best made when the decision-maker is closest to the situation.

That’s the case with Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson’s new city-wide mask mandate, which cited a rise in cases per 100,000 as a reason to increase mask usage right now.

The same hyper-local policy was made at Auburn University with the decision to require wearing masks inside and outside all campus facilities.

Larger issues of personal liberty aside, limited decisions made in the best interests of public health are tolerated best when they are hyper-local and backed by an urgent need.

The decisions are limited, meaning such mandates would be and should be enforced only as long as necessary.

The good news is that across the country, infection rates have been dropping and we hope that’s true soon in Georgia and Alabama, which currently remain hot-spots for the virus.

After many months, it’s clear that managing the spread of COVID depends a lot on where you live and what’s happening there.

When it comes to schools reopening, and whether to play football games, the same logic applies. There is no one size fits all policy.

Many of our local high schools and the SEC will play football this fall. They believe they can lower risks enough to safely play.

Other colleges and schools will not play. Those schools have chosen not to accept the risks.

Forcing a national policy on every decision related to COVID would be impractical and clearly lead to chaos.

One size fits all policies simply don’t work.

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