Ga. DPH keeping COVID-19 guidelines the same despite CDC changes

Ga. DPH keeping COVID-19 guidelines the same despite CDC changes

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now saying some people who come in close contact with a person who’s positive for COVID-19 don’t necessarily need a test if they’re asymptomatic.

The CDC previously recommended everyone in close contact get tested.

“In the beginning, I believe the CDC guidelines were that they didn’t want you to be tested if you did not have symptoms,” said Pamela Kirkland with the Columbus Health Department. “Then, they changed that and felt like it would be possible for you to transmit the virus even if you didn’t have symptoms. That’s when they wanted everybody to be tested.”

Kirkland said the Georgia Department of Public Health is not changing its guidelines.

“We still feel like the way we’re doing it here in Georgia is a good way to make sure that we can keep people safe and stay on top of this, because we want the numbers to go down. We want people to be healthy, stay healthy, and not end up with COVID-19,” Kirkland said.

She said they’re still recommending anyone who has been in close contact with someone positive to quarantine for 14 days and wait until the 10th day to get tested. Close contact is being within six feet of someone for at least 15 minutes.

“There is a chance that you may not have enough of that viral load to test positive, so if you wait for the 10th day, that gives your body enough time. Hopefully, if you do develop symptoms, you can manage those symptoms at home. If not, contact your healthcare provider,” said Kirkland.

Kirkland said if you’ve been exposed to someone who is positive and you get tested the next day, that may give a false negative.

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