Columbus mayor gives update on mask mandate

Columbus mayor gives update on mask mandate

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Friday marks one week since the mayor of Columbus signed an executive order requiring masks be worn in Columbus.

Mayor Skip Henderson said the mandate’s purpose is educational.

Any law enforcement officer who sees someone without a mask is instructed to give them a mask and share their responsibility with them. Then, if the person does not wear a mask again, they can be fined. Henderson explained the reaction he’s received so far.

“They understand for the most part,” said Henderson. “There are some who don’t get it, but for the most part, people understand this is not a political issue. This is purely and simply a health, safety, and economic issue.”

Henderson said it’s been nice seeing Columbus State University students Uptown wearing their masks and even on the weekends seeing people visiting Market Days wearing more masks than usual. He said the goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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