Police: Ga. toddler found safe, reunited with family after being kidnapped outside home

1-year-old Ga. child found safe after being kidnapped

CHAMBLEE, Ga. (WSB) – A Georgia family is relieved to have a 1-year-old child returned to them after police say he was kidnapped at gunpoint Saturday.

“It feels great, it feels comforting that he’s finally home, and I’m very grateful that he is,” said Jessica Bamaca, the aunt of 1-year-old Mateo Montufar-Barrera.

The incident happened Saturday outside an apartment complex in Chamblee, Georgia.

“It started off around 12:30 in the afternoon, is when I heard my sister cry out my name,” Bamaca said.

“So, I quickly ran outside, and I saw that she was crying, she was bleeding, and she had let me know what was going on. She let me know that they had kidnapped her son, and we quickly called 911.”

Mateo’s mother, Leslie Bamaca, told police a man and a woman had shown up outside the apartment in an SUV, and that the man got out and pointed a gun at her as she was walking Mateo in a stroller.

Police said Mateo’s mother fought back and wrestled the weapon away from the man. Mateo’s mother said the woman in the SUV grabbed Mateo and the pair drove away.

Police said she tried to shoot at the suspects, but the gun did not fire.

Authorities later spotted the suspects’ SUV in Carroll County, Georgia. Mateo was found safe.

The two suspects arrested in connection with the kidnapping were identified as Maynor Dario Valera Zuniga and Kristin Nicole Valera Zuniga, WSB reports. They are now facing charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault and battery, according to jail records.

“It was just a nightmare, for five hours, until finally we got the news that they had found [Mateo], and that they were taking him back to the police station to be reunited with my sister, and his father,” Bamaca said.

Bamaca said the family does not know the suspects.

“We have no idea who they are, it’s the first time we’ve seen them,” Bamaca said. “We don’t know where they came from, we don’t know what their intentions were.”

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