Cranking Up the September Heat

Wednesday Weather on the Go

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The relentless humidity we’ve been dealing with recently will finally subside for a dose of drier air builds over the Chattahoochee Valley as a dome of high pressure dominates our weather pattern. This set-up will prevent much in the way of showers or storms each day, so rain chances should stay next to none through Saturday with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. Despite the mugginess not being as bad, it will still be humid enough to make it mighty hot each afternoon with temperatures climbing to the mid 90s each day.

For Labor Day weekend, Sunday and Monday will feature some more hit-or-miss storms in the forecast, but not a washout by any means. Our forecast looks more uncertain into next week. We’ve been seeing the hints of better rain coverage during the afternoon and evenings through mid-week, but we’ll keep you posted. As for that highly anticipated cold front next week, still not a guarantee we could see one at all, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Prior to any potential front though, highs will still be in the 90s through early next week.

Out in the Atlantic Basin, we still have Tropical Storms Nana and Omar, which will not threaten the U.S.; however, we’ll keep an eye on two more tropical waves emerging from Africa over the next several days.

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