Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop tours Fort Benning

Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop tours Fort Benning

FORT BENNING, Ga. (WTVM) - Georgia congressman Sanford Bishop visited Fort Benning Thursday afternoon.

He was able to learn how the base is keeping all personnel safe from contracting coronavirus.

“They are very, very committed and dedicated to the safety and the well being of the soldiers, of those who train the soldiers, and the community and the environment in which the soldiers and their families have to live,” said Bishop.

While touring, Bishop said he learned about plans to construct a new air traffic controller tower, renovate homes that were previously flagged for having lead paint contamination at the historic housing base and more. He said he doesn’t think the coronavirus pandemic is slowing their progress, but they are putting forth more effort.

“In terms of cleaning, making sure that adequate maintenance is done to make sure there is no accumulation to allow for the virus to spread,” Bishop said.

He was also able to see troops during training. According to Bishop, trainees are immediately tested for COVID-19 when they land in Atlanta and are separated if positive. While training, they wear face masks and they’re also placed in smaller groups to make contact tracing easier.

“It does underscore the lengths to which the training personnel at Fort Benning have gone to make sure the training continues, but continues in a safe and healthy way,” said Bishop.

Bishop’s next stop is Columbus Friday afternoon. He’s anticipating a special visit from Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie. The two are scheduled to tour the Veterans Affairs clinic.

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