WTVM Editorial 9-4-20: A graceful tribute

Published: Sep. 4, 2020 at 11:17 AM EDT
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(WTVM) - The devastation Louisiana suffered from the monster Hurricane Laura last week brings to mind the ongoing recovery of Lee County, Alabama tornado survivors, who lost 23 neighbors on March 3, 2019.

Beauregard, Ala. is coming back, thanks to the efforts of dozens of churches, support groups, charity home builders and other generous donations.

Now, a new symbol of that recovery has been unveiled.

Providence Baptist Church is home to an impressive three-tiered granite circle, surrounding a cross of remembrance.

It’s a graceful and heart-warming memorial to the lives lost in the tornado and to the area’s first responders who answered the call that day.

Names and photos of each tornado victim ensure that they will never be forgotten.

The permanent memorial replaces the famous row of 23 white crosses erected soon after the EF-4 tornadoes ripped up that part of Lee County and later crossed over into Georgia.

You may recall President Trump and the First Lady visiting the crosses, pausing at each one to pay their silent respects.

Providence Baptist Church, the site of the permanent memorial, continues to be a leading force in the on-going recovery. The church served as a Red Cross Shelter, a distribution site for clothing, food and other donations and a community rallying point.

Now, the memorial they created will stand tall for generations, ready to welcome grieving family members, giving them a peaceful place to reflect and pray. Even members of the public who may just be curious about the tornado victims will be impressed by the solemn strength projected by the memorial.

We applaud those who created this special tribute to remember the loved ones who died on March 3, 2019. It stands as further proof of the progress the Beauregard community continues to make in its recovery.

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