'Players are tested 3 times a week’: Coach Nick Saban on COVID-19 cases

Coach also talked about voting

'Players are tested 3 times a week’: Coach Nick Saban on COVID-19 cases
Coach Nick Saban talks after practice

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama head football coach Nick Saban said Tuesday if you’re preparing for a football season, this is one of the toughest times you have to persevere through.

Not only are these the last practices before kickoff against Missouri September 26, COVID-19 changed everything when it comes to spring practices and workouts.

Saban said practice last Saturday was like a simulated game. The guys will participate in a scrimmage this weekend.

Asked how the team has navigated COVID-19 testing, Coach Saban said players are tested three times a week. Saban said the team has had a minimal amount of players test positive, but they have had some. Saban said numbers may have increased when school started, but not significantly.

Saban said they haven’t had any players get “bad sick” and a lot of guys have been asymptomatic. “We’re most concerned with our players, how are they impacted by this?" Saban said.

He went on to say he and the team Zoomed with the Surgeon General a few weeks ago about their personal bubbles, the risks and not putting yourself in a situation to get sick.

Saban said the medical staff has done a fantastic job. They wear masks in meetings and they spread out in meetings.

Coach Saban on Voting

Regarding the November election, Coach Saban said the team has had several voter registration programs to create the awareness of the importance to get out and vote. Saban said he is proud of his players for their response to register to vote.

Is he endorsing a candidate? “I can tell you we’re not endorsing any candidates. I have never endorsed a candidate, nor will I ever endorse a candidate or get involved in politics in any way, shape or form,” Saban said.

Saban said he does think it’s important every American uses their opportunity to vote so their voice is heard. He said he votes absentee.

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