Fla. homeowner calls police after raccoon break-in

TAMPA, Fla. (WFTS) – A Florida homeowner called Tampa Police after a masked bandit broke into her home.

It’s probably not the kind you’re thinking of, though. This wild intruder was furry and had four legs, and his capture was caught on video.

“I have a raccoon in my house,” homeowner Paula Tyler said in her phone call to police Sunday night.

“Right now, I have it shut up in my bedroom. I’m needing to get somebody to come over and get it out of my house.”

Two Tampa Police officers showed up to help her remove the raccoon, which played a quick game of hide-and-seek under Tyler’s bed before scampering out of the bedroom.

Tyler said her windows and doors had been closed, and she believes the critter came into her house through the attic.

Tyler said she first tried to rescue the raccoon herself before calling police.

“This one didn’t look like it was mean or rabid or anything. It just looked like it was scared,” She said.

Tyler said she also called a trapper who would have charged $300 to remove the raccoon. That’s when she decided to call the police non-emergency line.

Tyler is grateful for the officers' assistance and apologized for the wild chase.

“They did what they did. They went above and beyond,” she said.

Tampa Police said the raccoon nipped the hand of one of the officers, but he’s OK.

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