Local community organization encouraging early voting in Columbus

Local community organization encouraging early voting in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - We’re less than two months away from the presidential election.

With ballots already being cast in Georgia and Alabama, voters are weighing the options about who they will vote for as president in this historic election.

Topics like war and funding are on the top of some voters' minds.

“I feel like a lot of that money could be used in needed areas instead of throwing it in people’s pockets," said Alabama voter Dandre Gamble.

“The main thing with me is that I am very pleased we are not in any big war conflict," Georgia voter Daren Griffin said.

SirMichael Jones is the president of “A Call to Talk, A Call to Action,” which is a community organization that serves as a hub for information from across the community. He said their primary focus is voter registration with an emphasis on early voting during the pandemic.

“Making sure we take all appropriate actions of social distancing, of course, making sure that everyone is safe and being able to cast their constitutional right. The best way to do that we feel is to early vote," Jones explained.

Jones said voters should choose the method that is most comfortable for them to vote.

“If that’s mail-in voting, certainly. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with our mail-in voting system. It’s served us for years. We don’t have a position on that rather than exercise that right, that option if that’s your choice. Again, A Call to Action’s main focus is helping the realize there is early voting," said Jones.

Politics aside, Jones reminds voters that people died for the right to vote on both sides.

“Understand their sacrifices, but most importantly to exercise your constitutional right and vote for whatever candidate you choose, regardless of political party or what have you. Just get out and exercise that right. No one can take it from you. A lot of people fought for that stand. A lot of people stood for that cause," he said.

Jones said they are working with community groups including the Urban League of Greater Columbus for mobile voting to take voters to the polls. He said organizations are also working together to make sure voters have snacks and water while waiting in long voting lines.

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