Gov. Ivey remembers terror attacks on 9/11′s 19th anniversary

Gov. Ivey remembers terror attacks on 9/11′s 19th anniversary
File photos of Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - Gov. Kay Ivey released a statement Friday recalling the terror attacks that turned what was an otherwise ordinary Tuesday morning 19 years ago into one of the nation’s darkest days.

“September 11, 2001 will forever be marked as one of our country’s darkest days, as it changed our lives forever,” Ivey said. “Almost two decades later, we still grieve the loss of the nearly 3,000 American lives and continue to honor the memory of our friends, loved ones and family who were simply passengers on a flight, folks going to work, and police officers and first responders serving their community.”

But as the nation remains politically polarized, Ivey points out that Sept. 11 is a day that “reminds us that who we are as people and a nation is much bigger than anything that can divide us. On a day that was meant to break our country, these evil acts only served as a means to unify our country more than ever.”

The governor said it’s her hope and prayer that America never forgets those lost, nor the sacrifices in the days that followed.

“As this great nation continues to forge on, may the loved ones who feel the pain of this day know we have not forgotten our heroes, and we will never forget September 11, 2001. May God continue to bless those who mourn, the great state of Alabama, and these United States of America!”

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