MCSD officials weigh in on first day of in-person learning

Updated: Sep. 14, 2020 at 11:44 PM EDT
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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Schools across the Muscogee County School District welcomed some students back to the classroom Monday.

This is the first time since March students have been able to learn in-person due to the pandemic.

The superintendent said they had a great first day of in-person learning for Muscogee County students returning to the classroom. He said teachers he visited with are happy to see students back.

Students opting for in-person learning in grades pre-k -through second, sixth and ninth returned to the classroom Monday. This also includes special needs students. Superintendent David Lewis said he visited many classrooms at the 12 schools he went to Monday.

“[I] saw all of our students. They’re all wearing their masks, observing social distancing, and of course the hygiene, the hand hygiene is so important. They’re doing a great job and thanks again to all of our teachers for helping us to reinforce that as well as our parents. We just want to continue to ask them to be patient," Lewis said.

Lewis is also still asking parents to bring their children to and from school if possible.

“Buses are running. That is correct, but by students being transported by their parents reduces the number of students on the bus. So, that just helps us with the capacity on the buses," he said.

All students opting for in-person learning will be back in the classroom next Monday, Sept. 21. These students are still learning virtually this week.

“Just generally working with the schools to ensure every one of our schools is a little bit different in terms of size of facility and so on. So, working with each individual school to ensure that our safety protocols were in place and this gave us this week to try and tweak those if there’s a need to before we have all the rest of the students return," said Lewis.

Teachers are now teaching students in person and virtually at the same time under the choice model. Lewis is stressing to parents the importance of keeping their child home if they are not feeling well to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

As a reminder for parents, learning choice preferences cannot be changed until the next nine week grading period. The deadline to submit learning choice preferences for this nine weeks was Sept. 4.

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