Auburn University sees drastic decline in positive COVID-19 tests

Confirmed COVID-19 cases decline at Auburn University

AUBURN, Ala. (WTVM) - As cases of COVID-19 on the campus of Auburn University have grown exponentially each week since students have been on campus, the number of new cases this past week marks a drastic decline.

Tests conducted at the Auburn University Medical Clinic or self-reported to the clinic resulted in just 108 new cases on the university’s main campus.

Previous weeks since students have returned to campus have resulted in 207, 498 and 588 new cases of the virus, respectively.

These numbers also come after Auburn University deployed a new random system of Sentinel testing of asymptomatic students to determine the prevalence of the virus on the campus. Of 329 students randomly tested for the virus, only 1.8% of them tested positive.

The total number of cases since the university sent students home for the spring semester in March across all campuses is now 1,890.

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