Fort Benning eases up on restrictions from COVID-19

Fort Benning eases up on restrictions from COVID-19

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Fort Benning has issued General Order Number Six that now allows soldiers to ease up on restrictions that were initially limited due to COVID.

According to the order, military personnel can now dine out at restaurants off-post as long as they can maintain social distancing and wear a face mask when possible according to Maj. Gen. Patrick Donahoe, Fort Benning Commanding General.

“For folks on Fort Benning, they can now go and dine in restaurants downtown,” Maj. Gen. Donahoe said.

General Order Number Six replaces the former order number five that was issued July 17.

While restaurants are now on the table, Maj. Gen. Donahoe says bars are still off limits.

“We have not opened bars, so what we describe is if you earn more than 50 percent of your revenue from alcohol sales, you are a bar,” he said.

The 150-mile travel ban is also no longer in effect for soldiers going on leave or temporary duty assignment.

Soldiers can also resume going to off-post gyms as long as they follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and federal guidelines.

Overall, Maj. Gen. Donahoe says COVID conditions are improving at the military installation.

The Fort Benning Recovery Center where military personal who contract COVID are housed is seeing fewer soldiers in quarantine.

“The capacity for us to house people there, we have been tracking and right now we are down to a very low number of folks in that facility,” he said.

Outdoor ceremonies and organized events are allowed to be held again as long as individuals are practicing six feet of social distancing.

But visitors are still not allowed on-post without special permission beforehand. Before COVID, visitors were able to come and go, but the new order still restricts public access.

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