Two local women share stories on how hackers ripped them off

Two local women are sharing their stories on how hackers ripped them off

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Two women reached out to News Leader 9 with information on scams happening in the area. They say they want to make sure others are aware so they don’t fall victim.

Scammers can get a hold of your personal information, phone numbers, email addresses and even your home address. A Columbus woman almost fell victim after receiving a $4,000 check in the mail with her name on it.

“I started reading it and going, this doesn’t even sound right. I hadn’t signed up for anything like this, so what’s going on," said Becky Dansby, Columbus Resident.

Dansby soon realized it was a scam and contacted police. According to Michele Mason with the Better Business Bureau, this is a fake check scam.

One Phenix City woman wasn’t as lucky. After noticing she’d been overcharged for some items she ordered on Amazon, she googled the company’s customer service number to have it corrected. This is something the BBB advises people not to do. The BBB said scammers buy ads to look like reputable businesses like Amazon.

“When I made the call, the guy professionally answered the phone," said Tamika Cochran, Phenix City resident. "Thank you for calling Amazon, how can I help you?”

During the call, Cochran’s daughter intervened. She gave the man her name, Amazon account information and Cochran’s Cash App name as the form of payment. Mason says this is a red flag and she suggests people use credit cards instead of bank cards linked to the bank.

After hanging up, Cochran realized she was scammed out of $200 from her Cash App account and a lump some of money had been withdrawn from her bank account.

According to the BBB, you shouldn’t click on random links or websites sent to your phone. You should also check bank statements and your credit report regularly. They say you should always call the BBB, the post office or the bank to verify if the check is valid.

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