First Auburn football game day looks very different amid COVID-19 pandemic

First Auburn football game day looks very different amid COVID-19 pandemic

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The first SEC football game in the Chattahoochee Valley is in the books and Auburn came out with the win. Although things looked a little different because of COVID-19, that did not stop fans from celebrating game day.

Tiger football looked far from normal today as the usual crowds packed like sardines were nowhere in sight and all of campus was eerily quiet.

The sights and sounds of college game day are very different amid the coronavirus pandemic, but some things stay the same, like hot dogs and cornhole.

One very noticeable change this year, “Well it’s really really really dead out here, you wouldn’t think we have an Auburn home game going on," Pat Starr said.

The first home game of the SEC season in Auburn looks empty. Greek row is a ghost town and Toomer’s corner barren.

“It’s been very different, the campus is kind of eerie," Auburn University sophomore Chloe Imhoff said. "There’s not near as many people as there usually are.”

“Not seeing a lot of people around," sophomore John Michael Riley said, "it kind of sucks.”

“I’m just really glad we get to have a gameday, but it’s just not the same," junior Lauren Bomar said.

Tailgating is not allowed on Auburn’s campus, in efforts to try to keep everyone safe. For some students and alumni, skipping the celebration just was not an option.

“In the fall this is what you do," Starr said. "You come to Auburn football, you come to town, you enjoy friends and family coming to town and all.”

“You know we could all be sitting inside, locked in our homes, watching TV," senior Sam Stewart said, "so just being able to be allowed holler at people, driving down the roads saying hey to us and yelling war eagle at us. That right there is a huge encouragement from other fans and auburn alumni.”

“It’s kind of sad but it’s definitely a different experience,” freshman Scott Chesnutt said. "I feel like we’ll be more grateful for hopefully being back to normal next year.”

The only place where we did see a lot of people gathered together was at the bars, but all of the ones we passed were doing temperature checks at the door.

Next week Auburn is away at Georgia with kickoff scheduled for 7:30 p.m.

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