Columbus coronavirus update from mayor Skip Henderson

Columbus coronavirus update from mayor Skip Henderson

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Coronavirus statistics are improving in the Fountain City, but despite the positive news, the Columbus mayor said he is watching one number closely to decide when to eliminate the mask mandate.

When it comes to deciding when to get rid of the mask mandate, Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson said he is watching the number of new cases per 100,00 over a two week period. Right now that number is 134 per 100,000, so the Fountain City still has room for improvement before they can take off their masks.

Henderson said citizens are doing a great job following the guidelines and that is why he believes the numbers are improving, with only 10 new cases yesterday.

One thing that does concern the mayor is the fact that fewer people seem to be getting tested.

“The main thing to keep in mind is it’s not over. It’s still a very active virus. While for most people it’s probably not going to be more than just feeling real bad for a short period of time, for a segment of our population it can really make them sick or maybe even be fatal," Henderson said.

As far as hospitalizations go, those numbers are looking a little better. They average in the mid 30s which is marked improvement from 50 hospitalized patients just two weeks ago.

The mayor is telling community members not to take their foot off the pedal just yet, encouraging them to keep taking all precautions to stay safe.

He is also preparing for the possibility of a duel pandemic. Henderson said if the flu season is harsh this year it could be a tough winter ahead with the dangers of the coronavirus. He is urging folks to get their flu shots.

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