GOOD NEWS: WTVM/WXTX anchor Roslyn Giles’ brother recovers from COVID-19

GOOD NEWS: WTVM/WXTX anchor Roslyn Giles' brother has recovered from COVID-19

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - In the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know someone who has been affected by the virus. It hits home for some of us at WTVM News Leader 9.

Our Roslyn Giles recently talked with her brother about his coronavirus experience in this News Leader 9 exclusive.

Robert “Bobby” Murray was rushed to St. Francis Emory Healthcare in August.

“My oxygen was low, and when they did X-rays on me, they told me I had pneumonia in both of my lungs,” said Bobby. He was fighting two major illnesses at the same time - coronavirus and double pneumonia. But his symptoms started a few days prior being rushed to the ER.

“It was the roughest time ever,” said Bobby. “My chills were so bad. I don’t care how much cover I wrapped up in, I still had chills and my body ached all over.”

Health experts say underlining medical conditions play a major factor in how a person can combat COVID-19. According to Doctor Daryl Ellis, Medical Director of Emergency Services at Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital, the knowledge base and comfort level to treat the virus has improved, however, there are variations about coronavirus that the medical community is just now starting to understand.

“They are now discussing the fact whether that is the same virus or a variant of the same virus as the one that causes perhaps the gastrointestinal and or the respiratory symptoms,” said Dr. Daryl Ellis.

The virus does affect people differently. For Bobby, his hospital stay lasted for only three days. “No family can visit you,” said Bobby. “You’re just there alone.”

Every night when Roslyn left work, she said she would drive around the hospital and just pray for God to touch her brother’s body to heal him and she says he did just that.

Bobby Murray says one of the things his wife, Roslyn Murray of Roz’s Cafe, did was buy 32 toothbrushes so he could use a different one everyday to prevent spreading the virus in their home.

Bobby says he’s about 90-percent back to normal.

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