Assistant Columbus Police Chief retires after 44 years

Assistant Columbus Police Chief retires after 44 years

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Assistant Police Chief Gil Slouchick with the Columbus Police Department is handing in his badge and gun as he retires.

After 44 years and four months, Slouchick is heading into the next phase of his life.

Today, a surprise parade showing the assistant chief just how much he will be missed. Representatives from various departments drove by with lights, sirens and gifts to say farewell.

Slouchick says that the years flew by.

“I don’t know where 44 years went so fast. I saw a lot of different changes, all of them for the good. Now it’s time to keep teaching a little bit of college, play a whole lot of golf, and ride my motorcycle,” said Slouchick.

The assistant chief’s first plans in retirement include a trip to Panama City Beach.

Two majors also retired today. Next month, another major and Chief Ricky Boren will be retiring.

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