Health officials say that as students return to school, COVID cases will rise

Health officials say that as students return to school, COVID cases will rise

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Another week has passed for Muscogee County students doing in-person learning, and according to the District’s most recent COVID-19 report, a number of students and faculty are now in quarantine.

Seven new COVID-19 cases have been reported within Muscogee County Schools out of their 30,826 total student body population for the week of September 21 through September 25.

Pamela Kirkland, spokeswoman for the Columbus Department of Health says that since kids are back to doing in-person learning, the number of reported COVID-19 cases is likely to continue to climb

“With school starting in-person classes again, we are going to see student cases go up,” she said.

Kirkland said she thinks that has largely to do with many students or faculty members coming out of quarantine.

“People who have not been together and, not isolated per se, but have just been at home are now coming into a more congregant setting like school,” she said.

Four of the seven new cases were students, both virtual and in-person, the other three cases are teachers or faculty members.

Now, 57 students and 16 employees of the District’s remain in quarantine.

Kirkland said it is likely children who contract the coronavirus are much more likely to rebound from it faster.

“They may be ones who may not show any symptoms or have mild symptoms whereas the teachers may have more severe symptoms,” she said.

Due to privacy reasons, the District has not revealed which schools had positive COVID cases. Though the District’s spokeswoman says parents whose children were exposed have already been notified.

The school District says they will continue to be transparent and report any new COVID cases.

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