Local WWII Veteran celebrates 95th birthday

Local WWII Veteran celebrates 95th birthday

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A local WWII Veteran celebrated his 95th birthday Thursday, October 2.

Mayor Skip Henderson along with Columbus Hospice came out to celebrate the special day with the birthday boy, Milton Staley.

Mayor Skip Henderson even gave a proclamation during the celebration.

The entire event was a surprise to Staley, who is a volunteer at Columbus Hospice, the biggest surprise was the mayor celebrating Staley’s birthday with him.

“I’ve had a very happy life, a good life," said Veteran Milton Staley. "I’ve had a lot of disappointments and a lot of sadness... some sadness but most of it has been happy and I have enjoyed it and we have so many friends I’m ashamed to tell you how many.”

Staley says he is thankful for everyone who spent his special day with him.

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