Here are some ways to keep your kids focused during a COVID school year

Make a little time for fun, too

(CNN) – Whether kids are learning from home or back in the classroom, it’s not a normal school year.

If your student is distracted, help them by:

  • Keeping them in a routine
  • Getting them to bed at the same time each night
  • Planning mealtimes and brain breaks when in virtual learning
  • Establishing organizational skills

“Helping your kids to find ways to know what’s coming so they can expect what’s happening and know what’s going on in their day is really helpful,” according to Dr. Stephanie Walsh at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

She says talking to your kids about how things are going with school can help clear their heads and fuel their focus.

If they’re home, make sure you think about where your child is learning.

“Are they sitting in the same space? Are they sitting in the same place they watch television in because that can also be pretty distracting,” Walsh says.

And finally, make time for fun. Give kids something they can look forward to.

“We talk a lot about how contagious COVID is, but laughter is also pretty contagious,” Walsh says. “So if you can start finding the humor in things, finding the kindness is different aspects and finding some gratitude that will really help your kid stay focused on what’s going on and school work.”

Walsh says it’s also important to realize that this is not a normal time for anyone. There will be good days and bad. So, expect them and be flexible.

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