Family discovers airplane part in backyard

PHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) - A family said they found a white piece of metal in their backyard. It turns out it was a piece of an airplane that broke off and crashed onto their property.

Charlie and Jaclyn High spend a lot of time in their back yard, playing with their dogs and their two little boys.

You can bet they were happy no one was outside last Friday, when something strange landed not far from the back door. A white piece of metal had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“These tabs were open like that,” Charlie High said. “The side that was all white was on the ground, so it actually looked to me like a sign with zip ties on it or something. (I) picked it up and flipped it over and saw some of the words and writing on it and pretty immediately thought - ‘This fell from an airplane.'”

It appears to be some type of panel from an airplane lavatory that measures about 1 x 1.5 feet and weighs around 2 pounds.

“(I’m) very thankful my kids weren’t outside, even my dogs and my tortoise. It missed my tortoise, but I’m glad it didn’t hit a car somebody that was driving,” Jaclyn High said.

“I kind of looked around to see if there was anything else, like another piece or something else, but other than that, you see the writing on it looks that looks like it’s from an airplane, you think, ‘Oh man. That’s crazy,’” Charlie High said.

The Phoenix couple lives just a couple of miles away from the Scottsdale airport. It’s possible the wayward part belonged to a plane that took off or landed from here.

“It’s not a huge piece of metal - but it’s a chunk of metal falling from the sky. I was very happy that no one was outside,” Charlie High said.

The couple said they plan on reporting the incident to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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