Alabama voters have two options for voting in primary election

Alabama voters have two options for voting in primary election

RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. (WTVM) - In East Alabama, Russell County voters have two options when it comes to voting in the primary election this year.

The first option is to cast their ballots in person Nov. 3. The second option is to cast an absentee ballot. Residents who choose option two need to make sure they fill out the entire ballot before submitting it.

According to Alabama law, an absentee ballot cannot be counted unless the affidavit is notarized or has the signatures of two witnesses.

“Pay attention to detail," said Russell County Probate Judge Alford Harden. "The instructions are very simple. They need to follow each detail because if they send it back and it’s not witnessed or notarized, then it won’t be counted.”

Residents can request an absentee ballot online and mail it in, or fill one out in person at the circuit court clerk’s office and cast their vote the same day. Alabama voters have until October 29 to turn them in. While mail-in voting is an option, not everyone is interested in doing it that way.

“The fear of the coronavirus is not going to deter me. I’m going to be there to vote in person,” said Phenix City resident Joshua Roehrig.

If Alabamians choose to vote in person on election day, Russell County will have coronavirus safety precautions at all 17 polling locations.

“We have really, really gone to the end degree to make sure our poll workers are safe and our voters are safe. We have sneeze shields, we have face masks for our poll workers," said Harden.

According to Harden, Russell County will also be handing out masks to people that need them as well as sanitizing regularly.

“It makes me feel good and safe as a person because I don’t want to catch it,” Phenix City resident Jobina Bouyere said.

To register to vote in Alabama, click here.

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