Harris County voters experiencing long early voting lines

Harris County voters experiencing long early voting lines

HAMILTON, Ga. (WTVM) - The elections office in Harris County is experiencing long early voting lines.

First-time early-voter Katherine Gilbert said despite the long lines, her experience voting Wednesday in Harris County was a good one.

“The worst part is the waiting to get to vote because you have to stay the six feet distance and stuff like that," Gilbert said.

Harris County elections supervisor Sherrail Jarrett said the amount of people showing interest in voting early is double compared to prior elections.

“We had 506 who already voted the first day," Jarrett said. "We are now up on day three and are over 1,100.”

Voter Leon Aaron said he thinks that’s because of the vast differences between the presidential candidates.

“There is just a big difference of opinions on certain issues that can affect the election either way,” Aaron said.

With so many voters showing up to cast their votes early, Jarrett said the delay of getting voters inside the polling place is mainly due to technical glitches with voting equipment.

“You figure 159 counties, multiple voting sites, and the secretary of state’s office doing their regular stuff as well, it has just completely bogged down the servers,” Jarrett said.

Harris County only has one polling place, which is the elections office located on North College Street.

Jarrett said she would like to open a “satellite” location, but there are not enough government buildings in different parts of the county to do so and not much flexibility financially.

Early voting will be available in Harris County Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. until October 30.

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