WTVM Editorial 10-14-20: Roy Greene’s successful life

Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 5:16 PM EDT
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(WTVM) - An important man died last week in Phenix City at the age of 99. Many in East Alabama knew Roy Greene and his many success stories. But for those of you who don’t know his story, it’s worth telling.

Roy Greene received his law degree in 1948 from Alabama and served Phenix City as City Judge, City Commissioner, County Attorney and District Attorney.

If that is all he had accomplished in his career, it would have been plenty. But Roy Greene was more than just a lawyer and a gifted public servant.

Roy Greene was a brilliant businessman who created his own media empire out of thin air.

In 1952, Greene gave Phenix City its own radio station, WPNX, after the city had been blocked by Georgia stations for years, who lobbied in Washington to protect themselves from competition across the river.

Not satisfied with launching a local radio station, Greene then co-founded what is now the Citizen of East Alabama newspaper, again serving that area’s population like no one else had ever done.

In fact, his newspaper is the largest weekly published in the state and one of the largest in the entire Southeast.

After conquering radio and newspapers, Roy Greene jumped into television, too – where he continued his successful ways.

In 1964, cable TV was the new technology and Greene was smart enough to see its potential to bring TV stations – and later high-speed internet – into Phenix City homes. He truly saw the future.

Greene’s company, now called CTV Beam, started as Cable TV of East Alabama and it remains in the capable hands of the Greene family, who run it today.

As successful a businessman as Roy Greene was, those who knew him said his family was his most cherished accomplishment.

He was married for 68 years to Janie Moore Greene, who survives him, along with three of his four children, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

In Roy Greene’s 99 years, he really saw it all. He was six years old when Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic. He was 48 when man landed on the moon. He survived the depression and World War II.

Roy Greene lived a long, prosperous and important life, that deserves to be an inspiration to future generations in Phenix City, and beyond.

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