Muscogee County voters get more early voting locations

Muscogee County voters get more early voting locations

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - More than 3,000 Muscogee County voters lined up at the City Services Center for early in-person voting this week.

Some people were waiting for hours in lines wrapped around the building to have their voices heard. One woman said she’s happy she came Thursday evening.

“The line wasn’t that long. It was easy to come in, fill out some paper, and go and find a spot and start voting,” said voter Marquita Nelson.

After a huge voter turnout and a grant from the Schwarzenegger Institute, the Muscogee County Board of Elections will have more voting location options. Muscogee County’s director of Elections and Registration, Nancy Boren, said they will have more space for early voters.

“We hope that this will alleviate the lines. You have inside waiting here at the Trade Center, you have plenty of parking, and we’ll open two additional sites on Monday,” said Boren.

Starting Friday morning, Muscogee County voters will be able to cast their ballots at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center, and beginning Monday morning, they can go to the Columbus Health Department building and the Shirley B. Winston Recreation Center. These sites were not originally scheduled to open for several more days. One Muscogee County man said it’s a good idea to have more early voting locations.

“So that way, more people can vote in places that are much more convenient and at times that are much more convenient for them, said Josh Lawtan.

Throughout the week, people have been seen passing out snacks, water, and allowing elderly people to go ahead of them while waiting to vote. Leaders with the Muscogee County Elections and Registrations said they’re thankful for the community’s support during this busy election season.

“We sincerely want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts because it helps them stay in line. You know people can get discouraged because they want to go to the bathroom or they want to go get water, but the community has stepped up, said Jeanette James with Muscogee County Elections and Registrations.

One more early voting location will open toward the end of the month. The Columbus Civic Center Ice Rink will be available from October 25 to October 30.

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