Supporters excited and waiting for Trump rally to begin in Macon, Ga.

Updated: Oct. 16, 2020 at 5:24 PM EDT
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MACON, Ga. (WTVM) - The 45th president of the United States is visiting the peach state just about two weeks ahead of election day.

President Donald Trump is heading to Macon Friday to host a Make America Great Again rally.

This marks the president’s 11th visit to Georgia since his 2016 election. This coming just days after Dr. Jill Biden visited Columbus Monday.

Security said they’re expecting between 20,000 and 30,000 people between the main stage and the overflow area about two blocks away. Busloads of people have been unloading in the public waiting area, and said they’re very excited to see the president.

“Four more years," one of the youngest Trump supporters said.

Supporters from all across the southeast are traveling to Macon, Georgia to see a ‘Make America Great Again’ rally. One woman said she drove from Columbus just for her chance to see Trump in person.

“This is my first rally, black woman, legal immigrant and I’m all for Mr. Trump reelection," she said.

She said voting in the 2020 election is vital because the candidates are complete opposites. Here’s her reasoning for voting red.

“Is he politically polished? No, the Columbus woman said. "I just love that he says what’s on his mind because I think he says what a lot of people think and he has the guts to say so.”

For a group of ladies from Elijay, Georgia, they’ve already cast their votes for Trump because they say if Joe Biden wins, “Well have socialism, our taxes are going to go sky high. ‘It will be the end of America. America will be gone."

Even college kids are leaving their schools to see Trump prior to election day. Some men drove more than seven hours because they said as Republicans on a college campus, they feel their voices are silenced.

“Our voices as republicans have really been squashed out by the majority, and the silent majority is definitely starting to come back up. But it’s important everyone has their say and can respectfully say it," one college student said.

Trump is expected to arrive and speak at 7 p.m.

“In just a few more hours, we get to meet the latest, the greatest, the awesome 45. I’m here to represent my family because my son couldn’t be here today, but my son says 45 is the best there’s ever been and he’s right. So, we have to go celebrate," one woman said getting off the bus.

“Sometimes, I have dreams of seeing Donald Trump in my dreams, and having so much fun," a young boy said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden released the following statement on President Trump’s Visit to Macon, Georgia:

President Trump has continued to host events that disregard public health guidance, including his own CDC, and is now taking his disregard for COVID-19 to Macon, Georgia, where numbers are spiking yet again. Due to President Trump’s failed leadership, 7,500 Georgians have lost their lives to the coronavirus and nearly 200,000 remain unemployed, all while he threatens to take away protections from 4.4 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions. As President, I will build our country back better and protect and expand the Affordable Care Act. I urge all Georgians to make your voices heard in this election.

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