Search for new Columbus police chief underway

Search for new Columbus police chief underway

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The search for a new Columbus police chief is underway as the current chief is set to retire at the end of October after nearly 50 years on the force.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson said the position is a mayoral appointment, however a lot goes into the decision.

Each candidate goes in front of three panels. One panel is called a peer panel and is made up of people who are on the same level as the chief. Another panel is a professional panel consisting of chiefs from around the state, and there’s an executive panel made up of the mayor, city manager, and mayor pro tem.

“I can tell you we’re committed to trying to find the very best person, the most experienced person,” said Henderson. “We owe that to our police department and we owe that to our citizens.”

Henderson explained that face-to-face interviews have been conducted and the next steps in the process continue.

Chief Ricky Boren’s last day is October 30. There is no word yet on when a new chief will be named.

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