Muscogee County political party leaders react to final presidential debate

Muscogee County political party leaders react to final presidential debate

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - President Donald Trump and presidential hopeful Joe Biden faced off for the final presidential debate.

Following the chaotic clash in Cleveland, the two debated again. This time, there were new rules. The candidates' microphones were to be briefly muted while their opponent gave his two- minute response to each of the six segments initial questions. It debate was designed this way to minimize interruptions.

“I wouldn’t watch another debate without those rules because the last one that they did together was so rude and just completely unproductive,” said Laura Walker, Muscogee County Democrats chairman.

Ahead of the debate, News Leader 9 reached out to the Columbus Muscogee County Republican Party to hear what they were hoping to see while watching the final debate.

“I’m hoping that whoever the moderator is, that they will ask the tough questions to both sides. I think if they ask the tough questions to the president, I think they ought to ask the same tough questions to Joe Biden," said Alton Russell, Columbus Muscogee Republican Party chairmen.

NBC’S Kristen Welker served as the new moderator. Leaders with both Muscogee County’s Republican Party and Democratic Party hoped people who haven’t voted yet are well informed ahead of election day and following Thursday’s debate.

“We still have a lot of people left who need to vote. So, take what you learn tonight and make a decision and make a plan," Walker said.

After the debate, Russell said he thinks the debate went better with the new moderator and updated rules.

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