East Alabama transitional home for women to open in 2021

East Alabama transitional home for women to open in 2021

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Nearly two years ago, Redeeming Grace Ministries was just an idea coming to fruition by its founder, Lara Potts. Now, the non-profit organization is opening a transitional home for women coming out of a correctional facility or rehabilitation program.

“I think a big thing about the house is we want the women to come into our home and feel that they are loved and worthy from the minute they walk in just by their environment,” said Potts.

Sunday, the non-profit organization held an open house, in celebration of the East Alabama home they are now leasing for $1 a year.

It was gifted to them by the daughter of the man who built the home. Before he passed away, he was looking for his life’s purpose, now RGM’s residential women’s home will be a part of his legacy.

“A facility like this is so necessary. It will give the women a transition period from the healing that has just taken place, to coming back into reality, where they struggled,” said Debby Binford.

The house is still being furnished and remodeled in preparation for residents in 2021.

So far, the faith-based organization has gotten some donations from people in the community, including a real estate group, private donors and churches. They are hoping to get more donations to make the house a home for the women living there.

One volunteer, who has been in recovery for 11 years, shares why people should lend a helping hand.

“If anyone feels that they can help whether it be $5 a month or a large donation, at a minimum prayer, because God will pick us up, but he wants us to help,” said Betsy Terry, volunteer.

RGM believes recovery is more than an individual effort. Through their organization, they want to transform the lives of women in recovery through spiritual growth, job training and establishing a support system.

Jennifer Sippial, a woman who has been in recovery for five years, says she is happy to provide mentorship and help give the ladies hope.

“I can’t wait to show them that my testimony is prophecy to their life. That there is life. There is restoration,” said Sippial.

If you would like to connect with RGM or donate, click here. The organization also still in search of a house mom to help provide stability for the ladies.

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